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Volunteer Opportunities

Have you been looking for a way to put your contemplation into action? To offer yourself in service to others?

Help us reach more people who are starving for a more spacious spirituality! 

Revise Text

At Spiritual Wanderlust, we have had a very generous volunteer who was helping us edit our Women Mystic class transcripts each month. Unfortunately, she has been struggling with the effects of Covid.

Would you care to offer your time of revising the transcript once a month, and spend more time with each of these wise women?

Time Commitment: 3-5 hours (can be spread out). May be a one-time or longer commitment.

Tools and skills needed: The internet; fluent in English

The Details: A transcript is auto-generated using our technology tools. We will send you a document that needs grammar added (periods, capital letters, etc.) and to correct any words that the program got wrong. You will be provided the video to follow along and make the corrections needed.


Spiritual Wanderlust Advisory Board

Are you passionate about the contemplative life? About living a more robust, embodied, life-giving spirituality?


The Spiritual Wanderlust Advisory Board is seeking two new board members for 2022-2023! 


This role might be a good fit if one or more of these apply to you:

  • Are highly dedicated to your spiritual growth (perhaps exhibited in your spiritual practice, inner work, study, service, etc.)

  • Have a variety of connections in the contemplative world (with speakers, authors, centers of spirituality, etc.)

  • Have a superb knowledge of the current climate and conversations among exvangelicals

  • Are good at articulating your own desires and longings

  • Are passionate about a more spacious, holistic spirituality!


Time Commitment: 90 minutes each month, for 10 months.

The Details: It is the mission of Spiritual Wanderlust to provide formation for the interior life, in a way that guides people closer to wholeness and divine intimacy. Goal of Advisory Board: To inform the direction of Spiritual Wanderlust. This may include advising on: Audience - Where do we find the people who are hungry for contemplative formation? - Which channels, publications, organizations, etc. have their attention? Content - Which topics do you most crave? - What do you hear others looking for? - Where are the gaps? What are the needs that no one is offering or people can’t get enough of? “Product” direction - Which platforms help us best accomplish our mission? - Which features do you love and which are unhelpful? - Which format will our audience actually use? Presentation - How would you describe your desires? - What language draws you? Commitment - Meet once a month for 90 minutes (weeknight TBD) - Initial commitment is one year (Sept-June) - Offer honest input on potential topics, formats, and offerings - both your own preferences and what you know others to be interested in - Prepare for meetings by reflecting on questions ahead of time - Join a WhatsApp group for quick questions and as a connection point with your fellow board members Benefits - Connect with like minded contemplatives - Discuss topics of interest and raise questions - Preview future offerings Share a brief practice with others during our monthly meetings - Influence the direction of some really juicy formation!


Watch Videos

The Spiritual Wanderlust podcast has over 20 episodes–but not everyone has time to listen to 50-60 minute episodes. Help us reach the busy moms or the spiritual seekers who prefer “small bites” of inspiration by recommending your favorite video clips!

Time Commitment: 1-2 hours (can be spread out). May be a one-time or longer commitment.

Tools and Skills needed: The internet

The Details: Listen to one of our podcast episodes, either on Youtube or on your favorite podcast platform (video or audio). Make note of your favorite clips, anywhere from 10 seconds to 3 minutes long. It might be an intriguing part of the conversation, an interesting question, something you’ve never heard before, etc. Simply make a list of the clips you enjoy using the time frame of the episode. For example, 9:10-10:42 would mean you loved the clip starting at 9 minutes and 10 seconds, and ending at 10 minutes and 42 seconds. Make a note of the topic of the clip. For example, “Why you need to know your lowest enneagram number” or “A day in the life of a hermit.” When you’re done listening to the episode, send over the list!

advisory board
watch videos

Have another idea?

How else should we reach those who are hungry and alone? Contact us to share your idea!

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