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Trust your longing.

Lean into courage.

Explore the wild divine together.

wholeness + 

divine intimacy

Mystery won’t leave you alone.

That pesky, uncontainable Spark has flared up at various points in your life. While you might have a complicated relationship with religion, the divine won’t stop winking at you, beckoning you beyond.

You’re hungry to grow.

Maybe it used to be all about healing or perfection--but you’ve come to realize wholeness is far more realistic. So you do your inner work, devouring books and podcasts, therapy and retreats. You long for the spaciousness where you feel fully alive.

You have a major crush on the contemplative life.

While it may feel elusive, silence is tantalizing. Maybe you’ve begun exploring the mystics, since they clearly have attained some kind of divine union--but they feel a little over your head. You have a regular spiritual practice least on a good day!

Welcome! You've come to the right place.

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Meet the Founder

Hi, I'm Kelly.

I’m a former nun turned spiritual wilderness guide.

Over the past 20 years, I have clambered all over this interior landscape collecting trail wisdom, shiny rocks, and amazing views. From my years in the convent to the years spent researching neuropsychology (trauma! embodiment! polyvagal!), I create content designed to help you find the wholeness and divine intimacy you crave.


We cannot keep growing in one unless the other follows. Hours of meditation may lead to spiritual growth--but without doing your inner work, your growth will be stunted. And if our inner work doesn’t engage with the sacred, we are at risk of living horizontal, two-dimensional lives.

Here, we provide you with tools, formation, and courses informed by both.

Spirituality and psychology

are richly intermingled.

Ready to embrace life with vim and vigor? Click here to get started.

We love to share:

star-studded skies

brain science

ancient practices

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