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Introducing the 




A transformative journey for seekers, wanderers, and mystic misfits.

What is Spiritual Off-Roading?

A Journey into Unknowing

Explore the wide world beyond stale structures and rigid beliefs. The Spiritual Off-Roading program is a live, 4-month journey into sacred living.


A Guide

Be accompanied by an experienced guide who has been there-- who has been through hell and back and is now happily off-roading. Receive the insight and assurance you need while exploring uncharted territory.


A Tribe

Find other seekers who speak your language and share the same secret longings. Priority will be placed on forming connections and relationships that will last.


Tools for the Wilderness

We won't be showing you a new path out here-- there are no maps in the wilderness-- but we will equip you with the tools you need to explore on your own with confidence... and a bit of sacred mischief. ;)


Transformative vs. Informative

Answering questions is nice, but living them is even better.  If you've had your fill of books and courses, join us for the gritty and REAL experience of living it all in your BONES.

Are You An Off-Roader?

Explore the

Wide World of Unknowing

with Confidence


(and maybe a bit of mischief)

Are you a spiritual off-roader?


Do you crave depth? UNION?


Find you’ve outgrown the fences and guardrails, and hunger for the untamed beauty of Unknowing?


Are you hungry for connection with kindred spirits?


Spiritual Off-Roading was designed by contemplative leaders who were struck by the hunger they were finding everywhere. Seekers and mystic misfits alike were trying to express that inexpressible longing for something wider, deeper, fuller. 

Have you ever found yourself questioning:


What does it mean to be whole? 


Am I alone? Does anyone else get this--get me?


How do I live in the chaos of this year and let it break me open instead of break me apart?


And ultimately, how do I trust the Mystery?


We've designed the Spiritual Off-Roading Program just for you.

We've combined our experience as spiritual directors, professional coaches, pastors, along with our years of falling apart and being put back together--and turned it into a program that you won't find anywhere else.


It will provide you with the tools you need to navigate the Unknown.


It will provide you with a guide who has years of experience in working through all those sticky spots (craving intimacy? how to be whole? what's my next step??).


All with a tribe of people who want the same thing you do.


What are you waiting for?

If so, you're not alone.

Life has been completely disorienting. We get it! Our normal routines have not been cutting it. And we're not here to tell you that we have all the answers, the magic formula to make it stop hurting.

But we are here to tell you: It does not have to be this way.

It does not have to be so bewildering. So isolating.

While we cannot take away your personal burden, we can be with you in it, and show you the tools that the ancients have used to survive their own plagues, crises, and worlds turned upside down.

There is so much more life to be lived! The divine is hovering over the deep, glistening with possibility. 

It may feel like a vast chasm, ready to swallow you whole; but what if it were actually a well of mercy?

What if, hidden within the pain, is an invitation to become who the world needs you to be?

Come, join us.

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What's Included
Illustrated Map

1. Vulnerability

Crave connection with kindred spirits? Or long for companions on the journey, with whom you can be safe and vulnerable? In this module, you're invited to meet your cohort, share your sacred story, and use proven methods to craft connections that will last. 

2. Discernment

Ever get stuck in the spin cycle? Perhaps you're discerning a big career move, or how to help your family navigate the current health crisis. In this module, discover the only tools you'll need to make decisions with lightness and clarity.

4. Divine Intimacy

In the culmination of the journey, discover what it means to open yourself to raw, unadulterated union with the divine. Through the wisdom of the mystics, you may learn that it's different than you once thought.

3. Embodiment

Your body has a bottomless wisdom that is waiting to be tapped into. Through the grit of sacramentality, attentive body practice, and exploring what it means to be sexual beings, you'll inhabit your own skin like never before. 


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Custom Content

Receive monthly Field Guides with tailor-made video and journaling exercises. It will be available on our platform and emailed to you so you can watch and reflect at a time that works best for you. And, so you can give it all the time it needs to percolate! 

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Live Small Group Calls

Huddle round with your tribe at the Campfire, where you'll hear what the landscape has been waking in each other. We'll begin with a shared practice to ground us all, and then have space to dialogue, question, and wonder about this month's theme. 

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Individualized Deep Dives

Meet with a guide dedicated to your growth. With a trained set of eyes, they can help you notice patterns of the landscape and where it may be inviting you. Want to go farther up and further in? Select the Ultra package, and receive TWO Deep Dives each month! Dig deep with one guide the whole time, or hop around to sample each of their gifts.

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Traveling Partners

Walk alongside a fellow off-roader and form lifelong relationships! After our monthly Campfire Session, you'll be invited to connect with one of your tribe members in a way that fits your schedule and comfort levels. Everyone is here because they want something real, raw, and meaningful--so we'll provide ample space for that to happen.

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Private Online Platform

Base Camp is the online platform where you can find resources, conversation, and occasional tomfoolery. Stop in to find monthly content, links to our calls, schedule your Deep Dive, and check in with your other tribe members. 

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What People Are Saying

I felt so heard and seen, which is really rare. It was refreshing, and powerful.


You gave me an idea of a map of where I’m headed, and I’m not going to stop.

Nanci Patch, Yoga Instructor

Kate Marin 2.jpg

I have had a difficult time finding an echo and companion for the journey into the more mysterious and wild places of my heart, so to find someone as equipped as Kelly felt like a true miracle to me.

I encourage you to open your hands and allow this gift to enter your life, you will receive far more than it costs. I’m sure of it.

Come find the


you crave

embodied · open-hearted · feisty · vulnerable 

earthy · intuitive · intimate · untamed

contemplative · spacious · together

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the adventure begins
as low as 
/mo   $750/mo
kindred spirits
months of deep diving
juicy themes
expansive and wily experience


Come off-roading with absolutely no risk. If you find the community is not the right fit for you, just say the word within the first 30 days of the program start date, and we’ll personally refund every penny you invested. No hard feelings. Fair enough?

We’re so convinced that you’ll love your package and want to keep it that we’re thrilled to offer this 30-day money-back guarantee just to prove it to you. You have everything to gain and absolutely nothing to lose.

Meet the Team

Kelly Deutsch 1

Find the Depth and Connection You Crave

Questions? Contact us at
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