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spiritual wanderlust


Welcome to Spiritual Wanderlust, the podcast exploring the wild, untamed frontiers of the interior life.


In each episode, I talk with inspiring guests—contemplative teachers, embodiment experts, neuropsychologists, and mystics—about their spiritual practices, path to healing, and search for the divine.

I'm your host, Kelly Deutsch. As a former nun and neuroscience aficionado, I bring you 18 years of contemplative practice and curiosity

With a wily blend of ancient wisdom, scientific research, and outright mischief, we'll explore topics like divine intimacy, trauma, somatic tools, and how our vulnerability leads us to wholeness.

Launched in August 2021 as a live video podcast, it has already attracted tens of thousands of weekly listeners. Listen to our latest episodes below, and be sure to subscribe so you don't miss an episode!

Laura, Kate & Kelly

3 Artists on the Spirituality that Moves Them

with Laura, Kate & Kelly

What is it that artists try to communicate through their medium? And what does it have to do with the divine? Join opera singer Laura Wilde, sculptor Kate Marin, and painter Kelly Kruse as they reveal what moves them to create art...

Emily Kerpelman and Kelly Deutsch - IFS demo

A Demonstration of IFS session for Healing Anxiety

with Emily Kerpelman

Do you struggle with a busy mind? (How can we not, with the pace of life??) Whether you’re seeking to quiet your monkey brain for meditation, or you simply want to be free from gripping anxiety...

Emily Kerpelman and Kelly Deutsch on IFS

My Favorite Tool for Inner Work: IFS and Shadow Work

with Emily Kerpelman

I’m so excited to share about my favorite tool for inner work! Both the people I work with and my own inner work has grown by leaps and bounds using Internal Family Systems (IFS) for shadow work...

Luke Healy and Kelly Deutsch

Mystical togetherness with Luke Healy

with Luke Healy

How does togetherness incarnate God’s presence? How might community become a place of mystical encounter? Join us as we explore spiral dynamics...

James Finley and Kelly Deutsch

Sacred Moments of Vulnerability

with James Finley

James Finely is a mystic, teacher, psychologist, and student of Thomas Merton. Today we’ll talk about the intersection of psychology and spirituality...

Bruce Davis and Kelly Deutsch

The Joy of Silence

with Bruce Davis

Why is silence so powerful? Why do we fear it - and why are we drawn toward it? Today, Bruce will share his decades of experience leading silent retreats - and pursuing a practice of silence himself.

Mark Kutolowski and Kelly Deutsch

Transforming Suffering in our Bodies: Embodiment, Pain, and Activism

with Mark Kutolowski

Get ready for a full-bodied experience! Join Mark Kutolowski and Kelly Deutsch as they explore how embodiment changes our physiology, and how suffering can transform us.

Amy Piatt and Kelly Deutsch

Why we Need Feminine Energy to be Whole

with Amy Piatt

What does it mean to be whole? Join feminine rebel Amy Piatt and Kelly Deutsch while we discuss how to integrate our feminine and masculine...