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What is Celtic Spirituality?

with Kelly Deutsch

Have you ever wondered what Celtic spirituality is, exactly? I mean, we're familiar with Saint Patrick and Celtic music and nature-loving, but what's all the fanfare about? Why has the interest in Celtic spirituality exploded in the past decade? Because these are questions that poked and prodded me in the past - and because I've often been asked by spiritual directees for a good summary-- I put together a ten minute mini podcast. In it, I reveal the two pillars of Celtic spirituality, and why we crave them! Check it out! Into the deep, Kelly PS - If you're really curious about the Celtic world, be sure to check out our Celtic Spirituality School! We've invited all the experts - from John Philip Newell to Esther de Waal and Ilia Delio - to teach about topics like praying with the landscape, thin places, soul friends, and Celtic mysticism.

Check it out at!

PPS - We purposely made it affordable for everyone (micro pricing! scholarships!), so no one would be excluded! Leave us a voicemail at for the chance to have your spiritual question answered live!

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