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The Making of a Saint - with Fr. Bob Wild

with Fr. Bob Wild

Today I have joined a unique guest who has spent much of his life as a hermit, and is now in charge of the cause for canonization of a Russian mystic. That means he’s the advocate and facilitator for this woman to become a saint in the Catholic church.

Fr. Bob Wild was a personal friend and collaborator of Catherine de Hueck Doherty, a little known Russian contemplative. Catherine was a mentor to Thomas Merton and is known for her anti-racism work, introducing North America to Russian spirituality, and for starting a lay monastic community called Madonna House, of which Fr. Bob is a long time member.

Fr. Bob has spent his life serving in a variety of ways: leading retreats, living in solitude, editing Catherine’s books, and now is the postulator of the cause for Catherine’s canonization as a saint in the Catholic church.



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