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Mysticism & Longing - with Kelly Deutsch

with Kelly Deutsch & Karl Thienes

In this episode, we turn the tables! Our guest host Karl Thienes puts Kelly in the hot seat to ask her all sorts of burning questions about interior life. Join us to discover: 🔸 What Kelly considers the best kept secret of Christianity 🔹 The role of suffering in the spiritual life 🔸 How we can use inner work to respond to fear (or anger, or judgment, or…) 🔹 What Kelly recommends as the best starting place for contemplative practice 🔸 Why the mystics say community life is critical - even the hermits! 🔹 What our deepest longings can reveal 🔸 The two defining qualities of the mystical life Join us for our first ever interview of Kelly!

Leave us a voicemail at for the chance to have your spiritual question answered live!

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