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Celtic spirituality, depth psychology, and Mary Magdalene

with Kayleen Asbo

Kayleen Asbo is one of the most interesting conversationalists you’ll ever meet. Weaving threads from her studies in depth psychology, music, mysticism, myth and history, she crafts a warm and beautiful tapestry before your very eyes. Today we’ll talk about:

🔸 Celtic spirituality, and its 5 core practices

🔹 What in our psychology draws us to pilgrimage (to travel in order to find ourselves)

🔸 The best spiritual advice she’s ever received

🔹Her journey to seek the ground of being

🔸 Carl Jung’s connection with the mystical tradition

🔹Why beauty will save the world

🔸What it means to embody Mary Magdalene’s sacred femininity today!

Kayleen will be our first guest speaker at the Women Mystics School! On Feb. 5, she’ll give a masterclass on Mary Magdalene as Mother of the Contemplative Life. We’ll welcome this first Apostle out of the statuary and onto the plush chair, where you’ll get to know her through Kayleen’s decades of research and experience. Learn more at!

And to immerse yourself in Kayleen’s work - music, mysticism, beauty, and more! - visit

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