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The Contemplative’s Guide to Nervous System Care

with Kelly Deutsch

Are you easily moved? Do you feel others’ feelings, and have a hard time separating them from your own? Do you get overwhelmed by crowds or noise or commotion? You may be a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), a trait possessed by 20% of the population--and I’d wager 50% of contemplatives.

Thomas Merton once remarked that his fellow monks at Gethsemane weren’t contemplatives: they were just introverts. I’d say the term he was looking for was HSP. We crave silence, solitude, simplicity--and are also drawn into the depths of spirituality. What does it mean to have bodies with this trait? Listen in to learn what this trait is, the biology behind it, the impact it has, as well as some practical strategies to help reset your nervous system so you can find what your body spirit needs to be fully alive.

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