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The Enneagram, Polyvagal Theory, and IFS

with Dr. Jerome Lubbe

How does the Enneagram intersect with our neurobiology? Why is it just as important to know your lowest number on the Enneagram as your highest?

The answers might surprise you. (I was blown away!)

Those of you who have been following the Spiritual Wanderlust podcast for a while know that I love talking about intersections. One of my favorite intersections is spirituality, neuroscience, and psychology. That’s a big part of what we do here - offering tools from Contemplative traditions paired with those from the latest research in how our bodies and brains were designed. Together, they give us a delightfully clear path to wholeness and divine union.

Well, today you’re in for a special treat. I will be speaking with Dr. Jerome Lubbe, who shares our love for intersections. He’s a functional neurologist who has written a fascinating book called the Brain Based Enneagram, and frequently weaves together spirituality, psychology, and his decades of research in neurology.

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