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Theopoetics: Poetry, Embodiment, and Theology

with Tamisha Tyler

Where do art and theology intersect? And what would happen if we stopped insisting “real theology” must come from a book, instead of a poem or painting or song?

Today I speak with feminist theologian and artist Tamisha Tyler. Join us to learn:

🔹 What theopoetics is

🔸 Where the real value of art lies (hint: it’s not in the “product”)

🔹 What happens when we stop making an idol of the intellect

🔸 Tamisha’s favorite poem, written after recognizing the contrast between all the white bodies in Christian art, and her own black body

Tamisha is the Executive Director of Art | Religion | Culture (ARC), and is passionate about African American Culture and Literature. She is also a PhD candidate studying Theology, Culture and Ethics, and is writing her dissertation on Octavia Butler. Learn more about her at

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