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Transforming Suffering in our Bodies: Embodiment, Pain, and Activism

with Mark Kutolowski

Get ready for a full-bodied experience!

Join Mark Kutolowski and Kelly Deutsch as they explore what it means to be embodied and how suffering can transform us. We’ll talk about:

  1. How embodied practices change your physiology,

  2. How suffering can carve out spaciousness in us (and how resisting or ignoring it can perpetuate it),

  3. The role of anger in activism.

He’ll also share about Systema, the Russian Orthodox martial arts (the only martial arts born out of Christian tradition), how receiving emotional blows is like receiving physical blows, and then lead us through an embodied practice from Systema, designed to help us expand our inner capacity.

Mark Kutolowski is a lay contemplative who has been exploring the intersection between Christian spirituality, the body, and the natural world for the past 25 years. He is a Benedictine oblate, a wilderness guide, and an instructor of the Russian martial art and embodiment practice Systema. Mark and his wife Lisa are co-directors of Metanoia of Vermont, a small non-profit based on their homestead with the mission to 'nurture the Way of Christ through work and prayer in relationship with the land'.

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