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My Body is Not a Prayer Request

with Amy Kenny

What embodied wisdom do disabled bodies have to share?

Today I am joined by disabled scholar, activist, and author Dr. Amy Kenny to talk about precisely that. Amy will share lessons from her own experience of having a disabled body, particularly living into the Unknown. She’ll explain why it’s so important for all of us to dismantle ableism–and how it shows up in capitalism, patriarchy, and even perfectionism! The idea that there is one perfect body, one ideal way of being in the world she names as “eugenic.” Instead, Amy says, disabled bodies remind us that there are different ways of being human, of being divine image bearers–and that difference should not just be tolerated, but celebrated.

Join us for a candid conversation about Amy Kenny’s forthcoming book, My Body is Not a Prayer Request: Disability Justice in the Church, which will be released on May 17, 2022. To learn more about Amy, visit

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