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My Favorite Tool for Inner Work: IFS and Shadow Work

with Emily Kerpelman

I’m so excited to share about my favorite tool for inner work! Both the people I work with and my own inner work has grown by leaps and bounds using Internal Family Systems (IFS) for shadow work.

Shadow work helps us examine the parts of ourselves that we would rather not look at. These are the parts of us that don’t fit into the picture of who we think we are--or who we think we should be. Today I will be joined by Internal Family Systems (IFS) practitioner and coach, Emily Kerpelman - and together we’ll share how we can use Internal Family Systems to do our own shadow work. We’ll also explore:

  • The 3 key “characters” you’ll meet while using IFS

  • What really drives our behavior

  • Tools to turn down your anxiety

  • Why some religious concepts can be counterproductive to your inner work

  • And a Rumi-inspired meditation practice at the end to meet all your own inner parts!

If you’re dedicated to your personal or spiritual growth, this episode is definitely for you!

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