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Religion after Religion

with Tim Burnette

“You cannot believe yourself out of belonging here.”

Tim Burnette founded a spiritual community that is hard to define. It’s not quite church - not everyone is Christian - but they do gather on Sunday mornings. They don’t even have a shared set of beliefs, only a shared set of values. Their goal is to be a contemplative community in action.

But what

does that look like, when everyone believes differently? When everyone is at different stages of spiritual growth? How do you make sure everyone belongs?

Join us on the Spiritual Wanderlust podcast to explore what it might look like to have an expansive, inclusive community centered in the contemplative.

Tim Burnette is a writer, philosopher, teacher, and founder of the Way Collective. He believes liberation is possible when we approach reality in a holistic, relational, embodied, contemplative way. He agrees with Vonnegut that: "You can see all kinds of things from the edge that you can’t see from the center."

Learn more about what he’s up to at

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