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Sacred Moments of Vulnerability

with James Finley

James Finely is a mystic, teacher, psychologist, and student of Thomas Merton. Today we’ll talk about the intersection of psychology and spirituality - particularly in those sacred moments where we’re vulnerable and open to the divine.

You will learn -

  • How to make therapy “meditation for 2”

  • How spirituality and psychology overlap in “thin spaces”

  • The 6 ways to know you’re in a “thin,” or liminal moment, where we become momentary mystics

  • 3 practical steps to living in divine presence throughout the day, even when you're busy

  • Plus, a sneak peek at the new book Jim is writing - part memoir, part exploration of how trauma can open us to mystical encounters.

Jim embodies contemplative wisdom so deeply that you’ll find your insides quieted by his very presence (I always do!).

To find out more about James Finley and his work, visit

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