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The Buddha, Bible, and Gender - with Carl McColman

with Carl McColman

Welcome to season 4 of the Spiritual Wanderlust podcast! I can’t think of a better way to start the season than a conversation with contemplative teacher, Carl McColman. Carl has been in the Spiritual Wanderlust vibe for decades: he’s a writer, retreat leader, podcaster and spiritual director. While Christian himself, he also finds himself drawn to all those juicy intersections between Buddhism, Pagan traditions, and Christianity. Join us for our conversation to learn:

🔹 The 2 key figures that made Carl a contemplative

🔸 The one piece of advice from a Trappist monk that changed his life

🔹 His two realizations that led him to rewrite the Big Book of Christian Mysticism

🔸 Why paradox is important for the mystic

🔹 The gifts of the dharma - and how you can decide if interspirituality is right for you

🔸 Why monasticism is key to Celtic spirituality

🔹 Carl’s coming out story and God’s pronouns

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