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The Wilderness that Speaks

with Victoria Loorz

It is Victoria Loorz’s mission to help people not just care for the earth, but to fall in love with it.

What would it look like to move beyond appreciating nature, even past protecting her, to loving her? And realizing, perhaps, that we are already a part of her?

Join us on the Spiritual Wanderlust podcast to learn about:

🔸The forgotten heritage of the Judeo-Christian world and its deep relationship with nature

🔹How to re-wild your spirituality, wherever you are

🔸3 things we need to Unlearn in order to reconnect with the land, other creatures, and ourselves

🔹Victoria’s longstanding friendship with a deer named Mary

🔸How our connection and conversation with nature (and each other) *is* Christ.

Victoria Loorz is an "eco-spiritual director" and co-founder of the Wild Church Network. Her book, Church of the Wild: How Nature Invites Us into the Sacred is a deeply personal invitation for everyone to re-member themselves back into intimate, sacred relationship with the rest of the living world.

From the book’s prologue:

"This is a story about a land where the trees talk and the waters croon and the people fall in love with birds, who love them back. This is a story about an enchanted forest hiding in plain sight, invisible until, somehow, the veil drops—and what was unseen can suddenly be seen. You may catch a glimpse when you cross the threshold on the far edge of the abandoned field, or when, just for a blinking instant, you notice how the brambles of the blackberry bush connect you to everything..."

Learn more about Victoria, the Wild Church movement, and her book at

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