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Fr. Daniel Renaud, OMI

Dreamwork, trauma-informed, mysticism, contemplative practices, inner child, Ignatian spirituality, creative arts.

Daniel has thundering, infectious laughter, is fond of authentic Italian food, and owns more books than he can read. He is a Catholic priest with the US Oblates of Mary Immaculate and missions with them from the Oblate School of Theology in San Antonio, TX.

Daniel is a life learner and completed his certification as a dream facilitator. Besides mysticism and contemplative living, he is passionate about dream work to enhance personal and spiritual growth. His life experiences and training have led him to leave his native French Canada for the fiery heat of Texas and the spirit of adventure required of an itinerant preacher.

Daniel holds sacred ground in spiritual direction sessions and knows how to empower for growth. People who journey with him feel affirmed and challenged in a playful and respectful atmosphere. His core metaphor for spiritual direction is pearl divers. He dives with directees more profoundly into inner work to find the precious pearls that reveal the mystery of God’s calling and action.

Through informed listening, people can safely uncover their inherent creativity, wit, dignity, vulnerability, and capacity for insight and faith. Daniel’s wisdom comes from his recovery work in many 12-step programs, his training in theatre, psychodrama, and Christian theology, and his twenty years of companioning with people young and old. Ongoing research on resilience, contemplative traditions, dream theory from various social sciences, the latest neuroscientific discoveries, and Jungian mysticism inform his practice. He is writing a book on dreams and visions as mystical theatre inspired by God, the divine playwright.

See Daniel on the Spiritual Wanderlust podcast:

Dreamwork as Spiritual Practice

Fr. Daniel Renaud, OMI

"I am always stunned by Daniel's wisdom and the way he synthesizes the material I present in direction, whether it is a dream, an experience in prayer or life, or even a connection to a particular person---the holy or the most difficult.

He offers outstanding knowledge of the 12-step program, Jungian psychology, and dreamwork and draws from his life experience and extensive study and reading.

Mostly, as a gifted and intuitive listener, Daniel unearths the synchronicity in my daily life and sends me off with much to ponder. And gratitude that this beautiful soul has entered this phase of my journey."

-Robin H.

"Time with Daniel is always precious to me because I feel seen, heard, and understood.

When I started working with Daniel, I sought greater resilience from the trials of life and have been amazed by the growth I have experienced. Picture a loving, energetic guide on well-worn trails encouraging and coaching you. I have a deep sense that he knows the way, has navigated it himself, and wants me to get there, too!

As a mystic, contemplative, and seeker of profound union with God, I have benefitted from his training in dreamwork, inner work, shadowwork, contemplation, and centering prayer. His spiritual toolbox is overflowing with tools for the soul, but his greatest gift is his love for people."

-Renée A.

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