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Karl Thienes

12 Step Wisdom, Inner Work, Enneagram, Orthodox Christian Spirituality, Contemplative Tradition

Karl is something of an Orthodox Miyagi.

(He would never tell you so, but his colleagues might!)

A former Anglican and Buddhist, Karl jumped with both feet into Eastern Orthodox Christianity while in his 20s. He is well read in nearly every religion (ask him how big his library is!) and is a former blogger, published poet, and catechism teacher.

However, Karl would tell you that his greatest lessons have come from being a husband, father of 4 children, and working the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.

What is it like to be in spiritual direction with Karl?

My approach to spiritual direction is based on the fundamental belief that each person is unconditionally loved, made in the divine image, and on a heroic mission. I tailor my approach to the unique needs of each client as they ever more deeply awaken to the mysteries of their life and the boundless possibilities of the present moment. As a spiritual companion, I believe that:

  • Healing requires being deeply heard

  • Paradox is a path to wisdom

  • Compassion and boundaries are two sides of the same coin

  • Questions are just as important as answers

  • Character defects & addictions are spiritual gifts in disguise

  • You are loved!

I’ve worked with people of many worldviews and walks of life, but I often tap into the therapeutic counsels of early Christian Church Fathers and the spiritual insights of 12-Step programs, especially where those traditions synthesize. Some of my clients go to a licensed counselor of some kind and partner with me to view their therapy through an Orthodox Christian lens and/or to leverage the kind of guidance a 12-Step sponsor can offer.


Listen to Karl on the Spiritual Wanderlust podcast!

Have questions for Karl? Email him here.

Karl Thienes

"Karl is the first person I turn to for direction on living and loving wholeheartedly.

He is more than a teacher, he is a trusted guide and companion for the journey toward becoming your true self."
- Korey A.

“I’ve known Karl for 20 years and he’s been a monumentally impactful voice in my growth as a follower of Christ.

He’s a superb listener, insightful question asker, willing depth ponderer, gentle prodder, and has a deep well of wisdom to explore and share from his reading, learning, and life experiences.

I wouldn’t be the person I am today without his influence in my life, and for that I’m deeply grateful.”
- Cory M.

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