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Kelly Deutsch

Contemplative tradition, Trauma informed, Inner work, IFS, Carmelite, Ignatian, Franciscan spiritualities, Enneagram

Kelly is a former nun turned spiritual wilderness guide. Over the past 20 years, she has clambered all over the interior landscape collecting trail wisdom, shiny rocks, and amazing views. From her years in the convent to the years spent researching neuropsychology (trauma! embodiment! polyvagal!), she will help you find the wholeness and divine intimacy you crave.

Kelly describes her approach to spiritual direction as:

1. Holistic

The spiritual life is not something purely ethereal; it is tied up with burritos and paychecks and furry friends. What happens in our relationship with God must always be incarnate, or embodied, in our daily lives. No true growth happens if it doesn’t impact the way you speak to your partner or how you respond to that morning surge of anxiety. This comes from the guiding principle that there is nowhere that the divine is not.

2. Embodied

Your body contains deep wisdom. When we become fluent in the language of our emotions, sensations, and tensions, we gain new insight. And when we practice with our bodies what our spirits know, we turn our actions into prayer.

3. Spacious

My priority in spiritual direction is to hold space for all that you are and all that you bring. This is the same interior space I open to the divine in my own spiritual practices: it is deeply sacred. I approach each session with curiosity, receptive to the divine spark in you.

4. Contemplative

Deep listening is key to spiritual direction. This is what helps me ask powerful questions, hear the movements underneath your words, be present with you in pain, offer helpful images and analogies, and even sprinkle in some mischief!

5. Trauma Informed

Trauma impacts our bodies, minds, and spirits. Because we all experience "little t" trauma - neglect, rejection, feeling unseen - it only makes sense that we need to all do our work of processing and integrating it. While I do not offer therapy, my spiritual direction is deeply grounded in neuroscience and psychology.


Listen to Kelly on the Spiritual Wanderlust Podcast!

Have questions for Kelly? Contact her here.

Kelly Deutsch

“I felt so heard and seen, which is really rare. It was refreshing, and powerful.

When you’re struggling, and you feel like you’re the only one, and you have someone who has so much light and joy and peace--And they’ve been through what you’ve been through, it’s a lifeline! I know I’m okay! I’m going to make it through.

Kelly gave me an idea of a map of where I’m headed, and I’m not going to stop. It’s so life giving! Please go. Please do it. Please jump." - Nanci P

"Kelly speaks a rare language of the soul. I have had a difficult time in my own faith journey finding an echo and companion for the journey into the more mysterious and wild places of my heart, so to find someone as equipped as Kelly felt like a true miracle to me.

I am a practicing Catholic but was in great need of a space where I could broaden and deepen all that that means in my life. Throughout our sessions I let go of a lot of “shoulds," navigated the pressure of a huge art commission, found space to open myself to new relationships, and most importantly found freedom to embrace myself more fully, as I am.

What a gift God offers through Kelly!" - Kate M.

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