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Ken Hood

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Ken loves bringing together worlds.

As a long time pastor, poet, spiritual formator, and certified trauma worker, he weaves together wisdom—and loves to help others do the same.

What is it like to be in spiritual direction with Ken?

I bring a deep passion for integrative spirituality, helping others to create connections for themselves between the faith traditions in which they were raised, global faith traditions that call to them, and other nontraditional pathways through which they experience the sacred to be present.

I have a deep contemplative practice trained in both centering prayer and mindfulness practice. I'm also a performing artist integrating spoken word and fine art into our practice. Internal Family Systems provides much of the framework for my approach to spiritual direction. As an ICF certified coach, I'm most comfortable leading from behind with clients, creating a beautiful space for them to explore and discover where the Spirit is leading them. I'm certified in somatic trauma therapy as well and bring a trauma informed lens to all of my work.

Ken's Background

Ken has over twenty years of experience as a progressive Presbyterian pastor and for nine years taught leadership and spiritual formation to doctoral students at Duke Divinity School. He's written two books- The Irrational Jesus and The Irrational David and has written extensively for Duke's Faith and Leadership Journal as well as The Presbyterian Outlook.

Splitting his time between Portland, OR and the Oregon Coast, Ken is beyond grateful to be living amidst the beauty and wonder of the Pacific Northwest.

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Ken Hood

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