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Maddy Christine

Contemplative, Trauma-informed, Inner Work, Grief, Ignatian Spirituality, Pilgrimage and Walking

Spiritual Direction has helped me embrace scars and pains in my life, and it’s taught me to rest with God. I’ve learned there is beauty in learning to ’see well’ in all circumstances and to experience God’s graces amid pain. Learning the art of ‘living with questions’ rather than needing answers to questions has been incredibly transformative. 

Spiritual Companionship can be a breath of life as it empowers what I call ‘seeing well.’ I love sitting with people no matter what lives in someone’s heart and journeying together; we will explore what it means for you to ‘see well.’ 

As an Enneagram type four, I am drawn to those in pain, and my soul’s desire is for others to ‘feel felt’ as they learn to express the reality and rawness of life. My heart is full when I can help someone to stop doing for God and instead have a felt experience of God’s love and loving gaze. I adore celebrating with others that which deserves celebrating. I’d love to be with you, just where you are.

A bit more about me:

Together with my husband Tim, I live in Media, PA. We became parents of three amazing teenagers through foster care/adoption. I love being with people, and I also love spending time alone. My morning porch time, in both the winter and summer, I hold sacred. I have quite a number of loves in my life: writing, cooking, photography, walking, and taking care of loved ones and neighbors is something I hold very dear. I always look forward to visiting my home country, The Netherlands.

About a session: 

~ We will take our time to land in the space we have together.

~ I offer a slow pace and a judgment-free zone.

~ You can bring any story/feeling/thought that seems important. 

~ Questions will help you find the ‘deeper still’ within.

~ Being listened to might be all you need to experience.

~ When it seems to fit, I may offer a spiritual practice, which you can enjoy or decline.

~ I will help you notice the movements in your body as we often are so far removed from our precious bodies while they do their best to speak to us so faithfully.

~ At the end of our time together, we will look at the invitation you want to take with you.

It will be my privilege to join you in the conversation you are already having with God. 

Maddy Christine

I am so incredibly grateful to have found MaddyChristine as a spiritual companion. She exudes warmth, welcome, presence, and deep wisdom that come from the depths of humility and her own life's journey with Divine. She is a loving, listening presence with the capacity to hold whatever I bring to each session.
- Melissa (44)

Maddy is a patient listener who picks up on details that I didn't even realize were a thread. I am always amazed at the end of each session by the questions that were asked and how Maddy listened to the Spirit and was open to going in that direction. You can tell how passionate she is about spiritual direction and helping people meet with God more personally.
- Jennifer (46)

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