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Nicole Mills

Contemplative tradition, Inner work, Illness, Grief, Trauma informed, Enneagram

Nicole is a spiritual director, cancer survivor, oncology nurse, nerd, and contemplative. She is a graduate of Majestic Way Elementary School, UC Davis and Johns Hopkins University; however, her true experience was gained through the previously listed roles.

Nicole has a secret desire to be a nun or a double-dutch jump rope champion. Not being Catholic or able to jump two ropes poses significant hurdles, but she remains optimistic.

Nicole is single, has a plethora of books, and holds great love for redwood trees, the mystery of God, and horses (in no particular order). She lives with her dog, Pax.

What is it like to be in spiritual direction with Nicole?

My style of spiritual direction is grounded in the trust that God is in all things and that we are constantly being invited toward greater wholeness and healing. Life is utterly heartbreaking and incredibly beautiful, often simultaneously. Discovering how to hold the tension of this paradox is a topic frequently explored (as well as how to incorporate the spiritual practices of creativity, laughter and play). During direction, I offer a calm presence and thoughtful questions while attending to the Spirit within each of us. I will encourage you to attend to what is happening in your own body and soul as we celebrate the good together and hold the hard.

Working with people who ask hard questions about faith, life and themselves is my jam. I am drawn to those who have or are experiencing grief, illness, or pain. I also enjoy working with people who feel stuck or like the spiritual life is just not working for them anymore. While my personal practice is within the Christian story, I hold deep respect for all people and faith traditions.

Have questions for Nicole? Contact her here.

Nicole Mills

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