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Emily Kerpelman

Personal development coach, IFS, Inner work, Trauma informed

Emily is a trained IFS practitioner, a certified personal development coach, new mom, and an adventure enthusiast. She is intrigued by a variety of spiritual paths. Through her experience as a human, her inner work, and as a coach trained in the IFS model, she has learned a few universal truths:

1. When we are young, we learn it is not safe to be our whole selves.

We experience shame, develop painful beliefs, and then create internal strategies to protect ourselves. We show up how we think we’re supposed to show up, and only let others see what we have been taught are the acceptable parts of us.

2. Understanding our internal drives is the first and most crucial step toward freedom.

We tend to experience our behaviors, thoughts, and impulses at surface level, as they move through our minds and bodies at blinding speed. Slowing down and paying attention through the lenses of compassion and curiosity can help us to uncover our best selves.

3. When it comes to our own behavior, we often don’t realize we have a choice.

We can’t control what happens to us, but we can develop tools to weather the storm with more ease and happiness. When it comes to how we react to the world around us, we always have the power of choice.

4.When we’re all just doing our best to survive, we don’t realize that thriving is actually an option.

And I’ve got some really good news: IT IS!!! We really can safely show up whole to our lives, and be true to who we are!

I would be honored to partner with you on your journey to wholeness. I’m ready to hold the space you need free of judgment, because when someone did that for me, it changed my life.


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Have questions for Emily? Contact her here.

Emily Kerpelman

“Emily's method of coaching feels like connecting with a friend who just happens to be a phenomenal listener and who is never afraid to hold a mirror up to what you're really thinking, feeling and why.

After a session, I always have more clarity... they allow me to take a moment and a breath to focus on the things that I can actively change (and the things I can't!) to be a more confident person, partner, friend, and employee. She is honest, open, warm, and her guidance is something I cherish more after each session.” - Amy S.

“Emily has a way of making you feel comfortable in your own thoughts and body. As a person, she is caring and also someone who you can relate to which makes a big difference. After every session I leave with new perspectives, big and small, and am able to approach things in a new light... I do and will continue to recommend Emily to any and everyone I know.”- Nikki W.

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